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Tool to create / update conda environments from meta.yaml.

Due to the redundant dependency information inside the meta.yaml (required to create the conda-package) and the environment.yml (as definition file for the conda-environment during development and for production), cenv (short form for conda-env-manager) was created to make the meta.yaml the only relevant file and to create and update conda-environment from the definition inside this meta.yaml. The name of the conda-environment to create / update is defined in the section extra:cenv and the variable env_name inside the meta.yaml (at conda-build/meta.yaml). The python version must be defined in extra:cenv inside the key python.

The steps run by cenv:

  • creation of a backup if the environment already exists followed by the removal of the previous environment.
  • creation of the environment as defined in the meta.yaml. If any failures occurred during creation and the backup was created, the command to reset the backup-version can be used.
  • if enabled in the config file the environment.yml is exported after creation / update of the environment.

The usage of cenv reduces the conda commands to use to the following:

  • conda activate ... to activate the environment
  • conda deactivate to deactivate an environment
  • conda info to show information about the currently activated environment
  • conda search ... to search for availability of a package in the conda channels.
  • conda remove -n ... --all to remove an environment
  • cenv to create / update an environment